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Thanks for your interest in a video produced by Optix. We just need to learn a few details about your company and the video idea you have in mind. Please fill out the form below and we'll use this information to prepare a detailed project proposal.

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Primary Contact
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(Example: The primary goal of our video will be to increase online ticket sales for our upcoming event.)
(Example: Our secondary goal is to increase general awareness of our event, specifically the new outdoor location for this year's event.)
(Example: The primary target audience for this video is 30-55-year-old, male farmers, located in south-central Nebraska that focus on row-crop production.)
(This is the location that is most important for people to see the video. Ex: Facebook, website, TV, YouTube, trade show display, etc...)
(Example: We would like filming to take place in August, with the editing to be completed by the end of October.)
(Example: Our production will take one full-day with filming at two locations, both in Kearney, Nebraska.)
(Example: This video will need several custom graphics animations to explain the key features of our product.)
(We're always curious to see how potential clients first heard about our video production services.)