Project Overview

Thanks for your interest in a video produced by Optix. We just need to learn a few details about your company and the video idea you have in mind. Please fill out the form below and we'll use this information to prepare a detailed project proposal.

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Primary Contact
(Example: 60-90 seconds)
(Example: The primary goal of our video will be to increase online ticket sales for our upcoming event.)
(Example: Our secondary goal is to increase general awareness of our event, specifically the new outdoor location for this year's event.)
(Example: The primary target audience for this video is 30-55-year-old, male farmers, located in south-central Nebraska that focus on row-crop production.)
(Example: We would like filming to take place in August, with the editing to be completed by the end of October.)
(Example: Our production will take one full-day with filming at two locations, both in Kearney, Nebraska.)
(Example: This video will need several custom graphics animations to explain the key features of our product.)